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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stay with me

Another gorgeous shot by mediocre-matt.

In one week I will be heading off to Totaranui, the beautiful place I will be working all summer. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you are my parents) there will be no internet or cell phone reception. I'm thinking of it as being a theraputic time, away from most technologies (I'm bringing my laptop and movies!) I'll be able to concentrate on other things.

I'm planning on running along the beach each day until I'm fit enough to run on the sand right along the beach (2km) without stopping. This is all in a master plan to get into the Air Force as a IO Psychologist, where they pay for me to get my Masters degree. All they need in return is to work year for year they paid for me at uni, plus one extra year. I'm thinking it would be a good place to find a nice man too. I'd have to do a 12 week training course which is all fitness and stuff, that everyone has to do... I'm not fit. I'm not a sporty kind of person. But it could be interesting.

Mum loves that I am thinking about applying for the air force. My mum, dad and brother all have their Private Pilots licences and my brother is doing aeronautical engineering with Air NZ, and I have always held that I would never do anything to do with Flying (because I am my own self thankyou very much *stomps foot*). But this sounds too good to be true. And it probably is. They only have about 6 Psychologists working for them, so it will be hard to get in to.

Anyway, if I don't blog before I go into the wilderness, I hope everyone has a good November, and a Merry Christmas. Hopefully I will be able to blog, but who knows at the moment?

Love xx

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