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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boots boots boots

Shoes from Overland - oh how I love them. So pretty. <3

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kilt - n. skirt, tr Scottish skirts) r adj.) gat

Kilt is a New Zealand label - made and owned here in Aotearoa. There's a wee store on Victoria St next to the World store that is full of beautiful treats. It's not overpriced or out of anyone's range (especially a student like myself!) with dresses being around $150. It's the cutest range and I really need to go in there more often.

I went in there with my friend Anna during the massive power outage in Wellington here on Thursday. We both tried on the same dress and came out with them on, and a couple of older ladies were giggling at us a bit I think. It was fun.

Just such a beautiful store. Love it.

Like a Prayer

Me and Jaime

Image by nunoramos0 from deviantart.com

I've been thinking on friends lately. The concept of friends. People we share things with that we wouldn't share with someone we had just met - once these people have earned our trust, however, we find a point where it's fine to share our secrets and joys with them.

I think the best thing about friends is that you can do random things with them without being judged. You can go off on a trip in the car, stop off somewhere random and proceed to do silly things just for the hell of silly photo's and some giggles.

My friends keep me grounded. Keep me from falling off the edge sometimes, and keep me sane. I love my friends for that.

This week has been intensely busy - assignments, tests, meeting up with people (I bought my friend Anna some flowers for her 21st present. I also love flowers!) and my brother and his fiance arriving yesterday. I cooked them a chicken pie. Delish.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

True Colours

Beautiful images from Rouche - a gorgeous vintage fashion brand - aren't these photo's so beautiful? I'm getting in the mood for autumn-y misty pictures. :)

These are from Dace - they have the cutest lookbook videos as well. Such beautiful cinematography.

They both ship internationally - this may be dangerous for my budget.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I took a trip with my Dad down to the river mouth yesterday to take some photo's. It was very dramatic looking light, I did play around with the pictures a bit, but only a little bit. :)

I've been exploring my mothers wardrobe. It's fun.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Time waits for Noone

A pic I took when walking toward Cuba St one day.

Well, I know I haven't blogged in QUITE some time - not my fault. I haven't had internet. Over summer I didn't have internet, cell phone or TV access, then I went back up to Wellington and had to find a flat - said flat still haven't got internet so I've been using the uni internet - while having to study. 3rd year Psychology is hard work! I'm actually supposed to be finishing an assignment and studying for a test right now...

Life has been good in general. I do find that I need to get inspired by art again - I need my artistic outlet and it's hard when all I do is get up, go to uni, class, study, come home, make dinner, read and go to bed. It's even hard catching up with friends since everyone is so busy!

The flat I found is brilliant though - I have my own courtyard and a huge double wardrobe (very much needed). Hope all is well - I will post some pictures of my room and how I've decorated it soon. :)

My new perfume: Rose the One by Dolce & Gabana. Such a lovely scent.