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Thursday, June 3, 2010


I want this dress from Cybele for my 21st so much! It's batwing, and has a moth print! And it looks adorable with the booties that I just bought... 

I need to be put on a short leash with my spending habits right now... it's shocking. Although the dress has 25% off, and it's designer... and it's my favourite designer. They just KNOW how to make beautiful garments.

By the way, that photo was taken on my phone so you'll have to excuse the shoddy quality. 

In other news (however, still spending) I bought this Lomography camera on Trademe the other day! I've been wanting a lomo for a long time, and I've read the reviews on the Holga and they look good. I love film cameras and I really need to spend more time doing my hobby - it's good for me.

I'm going to SATC2 tonight with my friend and having cosmos after. So excited! My neck won't be as sore next time either. I was in the front row of the hugest theatre last time, it was disturbing. 

It's the end of the semester! I have an assignment due on Tuesday and then two exams! I'm excited! My HR lecturer gave us the questions already, we know 10 out of 17 are going to be on the exam, which is awesome, and Behaviour Analysis is just going to be scarily hard.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! It's Queens Birthday weekend here, so it's a long weekend... not that I will notice.

Isn't this so cute?! I so want a skirt like that!

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