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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When She Cries

I love these pictures from Heritage 1981's photoshoot - oh the clothes look so beautiful, and it's so warming to my rain-drenched heart. 

We've had 11 full days of wetness here in Wellington - Winter has hit. But it's not winter where you can wear nice coats and scarves with your hair down, it's winter where you have to wear rain jackets with hoods and can't have an umbrella cause it will turn inside out in the wind.

I did buy myself a pretty coat yesterday.. from Portmans.

It's actually navy blue. And you can't see in this picture, but it has a really wide collar - if I flick it up it's all 'HI Dracula!". Love it.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. It's the last week of semester for me, so right now I should be studying for my test on Thursday... x


  1. Adriana is so gorgeous !


  2. amazing collection! i love photoshoots with a camping/picnic sort of feel.