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Monday, April 12, 2010

Time waits for Noone

A pic I took when walking toward Cuba St one day.

Well, I know I haven't blogged in QUITE some time - not my fault. I haven't had internet. Over summer I didn't have internet, cell phone or TV access, then I went back up to Wellington and had to find a flat - said flat still haven't got internet so I've been using the uni internet - while having to study. 3rd year Psychology is hard work! I'm actually supposed to be finishing an assignment and studying for a test right now...

Life has been good in general. I do find that I need to get inspired by art again - I need my artistic outlet and it's hard when all I do is get up, go to uni, class, study, come home, make dinner, read and go to bed. It's even hard catching up with friends since everyone is so busy!

The flat I found is brilliant though - I have my own courtyard and a huge double wardrobe (very much needed). Hope all is well - I will post some pictures of my room and how I've decorated it soon. :)

My new perfume: Rose the One by Dolce & Gabana. Such a lovely scent.

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