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Friday, May 7, 2010


Snuggly looking PJ's from Country Road would be so nice right now... I also need to invest in a heater.
A cute denim shirt from Witchery - I'm a bit addicted to shirts over tank tops at the moment. 

Indigo Biker Jeans - so sexy and flattering. Also from Witchery. Great with a shirt, denim jacket, chunky scarf, and vintage leather laceup boots.
And the piece of clothing I'm craving the most right now. Oh so pretty. Also a la Witchery

Title of this post is from a song in the new movie 'Dear John'. I love the soundtrack to this movie so much. It just makes me all happy inside. Such beautiful indie sounds.

Well, off to make some fish pie. I bought some nice Monk Fish last week and still need to cook it, so fish pie it is. With mushrooms and spinach. Yum.

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