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Sunday, August 22, 2010

La de da.

Alexandra from Lovely Pepa - She has such cute summer style. So simple and easy. <3

Mode d'amour has the most AWESOME room ever. I want it so badly. Her style is awesome too. She got me obsessed with shirts. 

Vanessa Jackman is pretty much the best streetstyle photographer. Love her work.

Things that are irritating me right now: 
•My mother pressuring me to get a boyfriend. If it's not happening, it's not happening. 
•The fact that I am dating, but that I don't feel the slightest thing for the guys I'm dating. 
•The fact that I have absolutely no idea if I even want a boyfriend right now, in the middle of my last year of studies. 

Things that have made me happy: 
•Went on a date to see Inception - the movie was fantastic and mind boggling. 
•Got an email from my lecturer asking if I would be interested in a summer intern scholarship (!!!!!!!). 
•Packing to go home today. Woo! 
•Friends who understand where I am coming from.

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  1. Love the grey-white-blue look!

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