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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Witchy love

I love love LOVE the new range from Witchery that is coming into stores for SS2010/11. These are among my favourite. Plus, the guy in the shoot is smoking hot. The shop girl told me they flew him in from Norway for the shoot. 

I'm dying over those high waisted pants, and those denim shorts. They will be in my wardrobe! 

I'm sorry I've been SO SLACK on the blogging front - I've had to find a new place to live because my rent is going up to some astronomical price which I just can't afford. I've actually found a room that is right next to the Architecture campus of my Uni and is right in the centre of town for the same price. 

I've been thinking up ideas for a photo wall in my soon-to-be bedroom, and I'm picking up the "Past is like an anchor" print on Wednesday. The gal who makes them is a kiwi on Etsy, and it's a quote from Sex and the City. Love it. Go see Dear Colleen's store - it's adorable!

The previous two prints are from The Big Harumph - I think I'm going to try and make one of my own when I'm at home for the holidays.

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