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Friday, August 27, 2010

Thoughts on NZNTM Episode 4.

Courtney - my favourite of tonight. She really rocked getting all her hair cut off, and the Twiggy look makes her eyes look HUGE. Really hope she goes the way - she seems like one of the genuinely nice girls. 

Elza - I do think they are trying to compare the twins, but there seems to be such strength in both of them. I don't think one will be hired without the other. She has such softness here. 

Lauren - she is ROCKING this look. Seriously. Love it. She never stood out for me before this episode, but she also seems like one of the more genuine girls. I really hope she's in the final two. 

Nellie - so intense!! I love how she's got her lips... almost like she's whispering something. Those eyes are amazing too. 

Overall, much better than last weeks episode. Unedited topless photo's went up on the site until Monday, of three of the girls. One was 16.

I really think Dakota and Holly need to be sent home ASAP. Dakota is too immature and annoying, Holly is so self centred and obnoxious I want to stick her face in a mirror and tell her she's not as pretty as she thinks she is.

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  1. haha i got them both at a zara store in singapore. sorry, doesn't help much ha.

    have you watched any of the autralias next top model episodes? their shoots are fantastic, they dont have that cheap, overly edited look that the nz and american ones tend to have, and they have really impressive themes and challenges.