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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are we there yet

I just bought this jumpsuit from Sella for $40. Isn't it cute?

I bought some new earbuds for my ipod as the ipod ones seem to like to break and become uncomfortable. It's great having dad around, he'll go on about spending money, but when I'm all fine about buying something, he'll go all soft and say he'll pay for half. This also happened with the teeshirt from Just Jeans (previous post, I got it in white). He's really just a big softy.

I did bake him the lemon curd cake however. So I guess he likes being baked for, and I've been cooking them dinner.

There is a film on at the local cinema (it's very old, and rustic - couches down the front and uncomfortable chairs in the back) that is made by people in my town, with whom I've acted with. I want to go.

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