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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Incredible Love

Things I'm desperately wanting right now. First three tops from Wild Pair (Minkpink and Scrapbook), black slouch top from Just Jeans, Slouch tie front cardi by Max, skinny sateen pants by Max.

I went hunting for vintage rings and the local vintage store today, but had no luck. There was, however, a cute dragon broach, but it was in gold and gold doesn't work for me. I also caught up with one of my best friends from home, Tori, who is currently in med school. She's gorgeous, talented and smart, and I love her to death.

I'm trying to make myself more eloquent and cultured. Living in Wellington, but coming from a small country town where having a beer at the pub in stubbies and a rugby shirt is the norm, I feel highly uncultured. Especially when some friends in Wellington have performed at the Globe, traveled the world, and just seem to be so poised. So I'm reading Jane Austen and waiting to become enlightened. Currently reading Sense and Sensibility. It's rather good and is making me want to speak in a posh English accent.

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