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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 21st

So last weekend was the weekend of my 21st. My family came up, on Friday night, we had dinner, and Saturday we partied. Was a really fun weekend but exhausting at the same time!
Above is my cousin and myself. We're dorks. 

My mum, dad and myself. I think I'm the normal one. O_o

The birthday cake - I'm still trying to get through it, there's a 1/4 left! It's so sickly sweet and the icing is amazing! 

Sooo full.

El Horno (The Oven in Spanish - yeah I know!) was where we had the party. The Sangria's were in JARS. I love it. When I buy a house, I'm going to have jam jars as glasses. And vases.Very Stolen Girlfriends Club Runway show. 

Speeches were lots of fun. Mat is in the background, playing 'Happy Birthday' On the piano. What a sweetie. 

Getting ready for the 21 shots of sickly sweetness - they were like syrup. Don't worry, they were shaker shots. Still felt sick afterward though.

Down the hatch.

All done! By the way, the barman was called 'Ben Harper' - yeah we wanted his signature too. 

Finally - I've been obsessed with shirts. Denim, beige, khaki, cream - you name it. Loving tab-sleeve, loose fitting ones. I think I'll be wearing them throughout spring and summer. They're just so handy! I need to figure out more ways to wear them though.

I've started going back to the gym. Feeling sore, but good. Really wish I was swimming instead though. I think I need to buy myself a cute swimming cap and a new one-piece. 


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