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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some inspiration

Current book love - it's just been turned into a movie with Julia Roberts... Liz Gilbert has such a way with words to make you think about things without pushing it in your face, all the while being witty. Her time eating for pleasure in Italy, Praying in India and loving in Indonesia. Really easy read, but very enlightening. 

When I have a job with lots of money, I can't wait to decorate my house. It will be a renovation of beauty! And I'll have a linen closet like this where my sheets and towels match and everything is tied up in bundles.Via. Automatism.

Lonely hearts cut-out underwear... oh so prettttty.

Cute blouses and jean-shorts... so cute. I'm addicted to shirts at the moment.  Can't remember where the image is from, if it's yours, tell me. :)

I'm addicted to my Homography Holga camera - although the last batch of photo's came out blurry... I think I need to be using 800iso film... But anyway, isn't this a beautiful picture? It's the LA skyline via Lomography

  Really cool jeans from the label Cheap Monday which can be found at the store Stable in Wellington. I think I need to do this to my old distressed jeans... give them a new life. 

Cute outfit from Fashion is a Playground - she's so adorable and French. I'm teaching myself French online.

Beautiful photo of the Eiffel tower - also can't remember who took it, but it's so soft and pretty. 

Another of my favourite bloggers, Le Flassh - she has awesome style.

Just thought I'd share a few favourites and inspirations with you all... I've been a bit slack on the blogging front, but exams are over, and I'm home now! I have a week down here in the cold before starting uni again. It's my 21st birthday on the 12th of July! Eek! My party's on the 17th, I can't wait. :D

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