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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lomo Love

1. Flying home over the Southern Alps
2. The council flats across from my apartment block.
3. Skiing - you can't see it but we were above the clouds and they were a beautiful shade of pink. So delicate. 
4. Flying in the small airplane my parents fly, around the alps again. 
5. The plane we flew in. 
6. Me, Rose, and Tori - school friends. :D 
7. Rose and I - her 21st birthday party. Love that girl.

These were all taken on my Holga camera - I just got them back, they all came out beautifully - I love the square format much more than regular format. :)


  1. I like those shots a lot. Wish i was there in every place

  2. i LOVE lomo- need to get mine going again! these shots are great!