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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mountain & the Sea

I have just returned from my trip home. I'm now back in the big smoke - Wellington, capital of New Zealand! The first two are two favourite things from my trip home in Spring - cherry blossom and making daisy chains. Oh how I will miss it. I won't be back in my home town until next year (depending on when my exams are).

Luckily my parents wanted to stop into a mall on the way to the airport, so I stepped into a clothing store, and found this cute blouse! With $20 off! It has been at the back of my mind to buy a sheer blouse like this, and it was meant to be. From Jeanswest.

Back into the swing of things tomorrow, having to look after myself again. I have to do some washing and drying, and visit my friend Jaime as it was her birthday on Friday. I've missed her! She's my rock up here.

ps. has anyone else got that I'm obsessing over Ingrid Michaelson's new album, Everybody?

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