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Saturday, September 12, 2009


My friend Jaime and I, winter 09.

I had a lovely day today! After drinking last night (absinthe and sing star Abba!) and waking up to having pancakes and french toast for breakfast and lunch, the flat went to Central Park in Brooklyn. Wellington, New Zealand, that is. We all got into our bikinis and sunbathed while children screamed and played on the playground and... an awesome flying fox! It was so much fun!

Jaime is supposed to be coming over tonight to have facials and do our nails and watch movies... I'm thinking Wall-E.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Back to uni tomorrow.

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  1. That flying fox! A few years ago my flatmates and I drove out there late one night and spent about three hours playing on it. SO much fun :D

    That is a gorgeous photo :)