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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Letter Read

Pictures of my neighbor Siobhan, a shoot we did a while back. You can see the others at my Deviantart. :)

I finally got my shoes today! They're beautiful! I'm trying to wear them in... maybe an hour a day to get used to them (the height... I feel like a giant!) but they're so pretty I don't even care.

How was everyone's weekend? I got in a grump because I missed the courier man for said shoes, then didn't study and read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Amazing book, but depressing. But then I think, well... I guess I was studying for my Abnormal Psychology test (tomorrow)! I also decided to brave town with my friend Jaime, which wasn't a good idea - it was TOO packed thanks to the All Blacks vs. Wallabies game (which we won!).

I'm thinking about buying tickets to see World of Wearable Arts next week... there are still some available, and even the obstructed view is good. But I'll have to go alone, as no one wants to go. I guess it's the next best thing to fashion week.

In other news, if there are any Wellingtonian's reading this, who would like a photographer to photograph them, I would love to! I need to get some experience up, and it would be great to have some cool people who actually want to pose for me. :)


  1. oh liv, i would have gone to see the world of wearable arts with you...

  2. those photos are lovely! if i ever need some done i know where to look xx

    oh yeah, i drool over the karen store too.

  3. thats darling, no im from the uk!

  4. Great shots!

    I love The Bell Jar. It's one of my very favorite books. True, it can get depressing, but it's also so darkly funny at the same time.