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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So Long

Photograph by me. :)

OH MY GOSH. You know those shoes I posted and raved on about?! Well... I just bought them! At a fraction of the price! They were $200 and no way was I buying shoes for that price... but then I got an email from Royal T informing me of their massive clearout sale! The shoes got slashed by over half price! Down to only $70! Well, obviously I couldn't let that go. Oh they are so pretty! And comfy! And I can't wait to wear them around.

I also just saw a Tweet from ANZFW telling me about all these half price designer clothes on sale this weekend... in Auckland. Damn.

In other fashion-related news, I'm going to Toi Whaakari tonight to see my flatmate and another friend modelling for the designers there. There is said to be multiple corsets and frills. I'm excited, and all for the fraction of the cost of Wearable Arts.

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