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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Way I Am

I went shopping today! With some friends who aren't as close as some, but they are lovely and make me laugh (which is what I need in friends). I might be flatting with two of them next year. Anna is my gym buddy (with whom I must go to the gym with tomorrow), Helena is so Emo, but she's cute, and Andy I don't know as well, but she's lovely.

So I bought some cut-off denim shorts from Jay Jays (I know! I haven't been in there since ages ago, but the clothes have improved, I even liked 2 or 3 of the summer dresses, which I may go back for), some sateen skinny pants from Glassons (the cheaper version of the ones I posted a few posts back, and fit perfectly) to wear with my denim jacket, and a cute autumn dress which is grey with red flowers, which I'll wear tights and flats with.

I'm so so so excited for summer! I'll be living on the beach, can go swimming everyday, walks along the beach at night, and reading lots of books! There is no internet or cell phone access, so it's going to be such a serene time for me to find myself, and find some peace.

Nearly the end of the first week back at uni! I'll need to start studying for tests this weekend. I have two tests on the 22nd, one for Abnormal psych and one for Biomed, and one on the 25th, Brain and Behaviour. Talk about all in one go. But only 5 weeks until study week! Then exams, and SUMMER.

p.s. I tried on those beige pumps, but for some reason one foot is all scrunched up in them, so I decided against buying them. They're still pretty though. The other heels are sold out. Boo.

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