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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ode to...

I've been VERY SLOWLY scrolling through the huge amount of images from NY Fashion Week... These are a couple of my favourite pics - the first two are Donna Karen (the woman can do no harm, most perfect ready-to-wear ever!). I love the draping and colours - such a soft pallet. The last three are by Tracy Reece. I just love the bright colours and deep V necks in this collection! And so many prints! Images from style.com.

No doubt I will be taking inspiration from the Spring/Summer '10 ready-to-wear collections. I've already got my eye on multiple peach and beige items, and have already invested in a gorgeous halter-neck yellow dress for summer. I like that the hemlines are getting longer in the dresses - was getting sick of having to decline pretty dresses because I am just not comfortable having my bum out to the world. Although, apparently at Paris Fashion Week, according to Garance Dore
the 'no pant' look is in. Aka, very short shorts which show a bit of bum cleavage, with long cardi's or blazers over the top. Could never do it. By the way, if you haven't been to Garance' site before, it's gorgeous!

I went to the gym today to get a personal programme set up. This was mostly to get me knowing what each of the weight machines do (I had no idea how to use them, so this was good). There are a couple of scary looking contraptions, but it's all in the name of a bikini body for summer! I'm going to get long lean legs, buns and thighs, hot, tight abs (thanks to the amazingness that is swiss ball), and slim arms.

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  1. thanks for your comment. funny coincidence that I also found your blog the other day through Hungry And Frozen!

    I really love that dress in the middle. Did you check out Peter Som's collection? It might be my favourite so far...