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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleeping Sickness

I'm now officially obsessed with Juliette Hogan, NZ designer who was at ANZFW this week... how beautiful are her clothes? Since I can't afford them, however, I shall get my mum to make me a beautiful lace circle skirt like the one above. So pretty and feminine.

My mother and father flew to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands for two weeks. I'm super jealous, obviously. I went there in 2007 with my grandma and mum, and it was such a lovely trip. We have local friends there now, and everyone is just so friendly. You meet someone on the bus and they give you a basket full of pawpaw the next day.

I haven't posted my heels yet, but here they are:

Aren't they gorgeous? <3


  1. ooo raro sounds pretty good right about now!
    a drink in one hand, a big hat and a hot man too!
    i can't wait to visit chch again. my bf lives there and i used to bus up every other weekend to see him (when i studied in dunners).
    what are you doing down south for the summer?

  2. They're fabulous!

    I'm so jealous of your proximity to the Cook Islands. Jealous jealous jealous.

  3. love the shoes, and the dress' are gorgeous :)