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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Only Fault

Images by Me. :)

Does anyone else get sick of being tall? I know a lot of short people hate being short, but what about us tall girls? I'm 5'9" and hate being as tall as I am, however, if I were shorter I'd look a bit rounder. I have to buy larger clothes, because I'm a normal weight, for my height (though I'd love to lose about 10kg). But it's wanting to wear HEELS that makes being tall such a challenge.

I tried on the first pair of heels I posted in this entry today, they were super comfortable, but SO high. Next to the sales girl (who looked about 5') I was a giant towering over her at about 6'5" (I'm normally 5'9" or so). They were beautiful heels, I just wish I were shorter, or at least, I had a man who is a basketball player (which, I guess isn't really going to happen too soon) to make me feel comfortable wearing heels that high.

Friends are also a problem when it comes to wearing heels. They complain about me being too tall, and that I should just wear flats (which are bad for my flat feet anyway... thanks dad, for blessing me with all the crappy things while leaving my brother with 20/20 vision, perfect arches, and straight teeth).

So that is my rant about heels. And height. Feel free to comment your opinion.


  1. I wish I was taller...in the legs. How I wish I was leggy. Also, beautiful pics :D

  2. Lovely images!

    One Love,